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The Big Conversation is about churches working in partnership with one another and with other agencies, such as local councils, statutory, private and voluntary agencies for the betterment and well-being of their residents and communities.

It recognises the particular gifts and focus each partner brings to the table and works collaboratively to achieve this. The movement begins through a series of conversations in each of the relevant spheres of community life, seeking not only to know the problems and issues, but seeking solutions which emerge into joint actions.

Our Mission

The aim of the Movement Day Big Conversation is to see individuals and churches spiritually transformed, and the spheres within which each lives and works equally transformed.

Our vision

The Big Conversation is part of the Movement Day process, a global phenomenon, led by christian churches who have passion to see the places where they are situated and in which they are ministering, transformed both spiritually and socially.


We're working together to raise aspirations in our town.


It's good to talk, and conversations are an important step to sharing the load.



There are many people working in the same environment that may never meet. We help to introduce them and form great networks.

Supporting ONE ANOTHER

The networks created can become networks of support of those who are in a similar position.



Our next meeting is on 

Wednesday 4th December 2019 at 4.00pm

VENUE: St Helens Christian Life Centre



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Frequently Asked Questions

Why the big conversation?

The Big Conversation is an idea that helps us to communicate the process of social and spiritual transformation of St Helens. Of course, just talking about it won’t solve all our problems, but what it does do is raise awareness of the challenges faced across the spheres of life and connects people working in those spheres so they may better understand and be supported by each other and by the church in their workplace.


where has the big conversation come from?

The Big Conversation is an initiative that is part of Movement Day UK. It’s spearheaded by local church leaders via the Church Leaders Hub, St Helens and the Faith Forum, a Council and Church collective. These two groups, plus others in local congregations are working together to start a conversation that will help us to understand more deeply what we can do about things that are causing pain in our town, and what the church as a collective can do to help.


Why Health & education?

The Big Conversation steering group have taken influence for the first spheres to be addressed from local statistics, and identified things we feel are wrong in our town. St Helens is known to have one of the highest rates of suicide in the UK, which we are pleased to hear has fallen in the past year. We also want to tie in with the goals of our Local Authority and raise aspirations and change the narrative of St Helens for future generations.

What other spheres are there?

Movement Day spheres include: faith, education, health & social care, family, democracy, arts, culture and sport and business. 

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